#1733 Pho Bo

From 1800 Food Adventures

From 1800 Food Adventures

This Vietnamese soup is a favorite for our family. The kids always eat it all up. A consistently great Pho Bo in NYC is Nha Trang. The best time to go is at 12 or at 2. At 1pm the court crowd packs the joint. Here's a good recipe for it.

#1734 Loving your local "Your Bakery"

From 1800 Food Adventures

We used to live next to Martha's Country Bakery in Astoria and my kids actually thought Martha was their Aunt.  We frequented it way too much and everyone knows my kids there.  We went so much that- had to add them to our Christmas card list.  My kids favorite treats there- Italian rainbow cookies, red velvet cheesecake, and eclairs.

#1735 Octopus Sashimi

My brother was visiting us in NYC and upon his recommendation we went to Sik Gaek, a highly reviewed Korean seafood restaurant in Queens.

One of the top items to try on the menu was Sannakji- or Octopus Sashimi.  My kiddies like grilled and fried octopus so they were willing to try Octopus Sashimi.  It's very fresh- so fresh the octopus is still moving when served.

M'ijo and M'ijita were champs and tried it.  They only had one bite- that's enough for bragging rights.

Kiddies excited by their favorite Tio's presence.             M'ijo enjoys the fried octopus.

octopus sashimi 5 from Will Bachman on Vimeo.
M'ijo tries the Octopus Sashimi- "weird" he concludes.

octopus sashimi 4 from Will Bachman on Vimeo.

M'ija tries the octopus sashimi- "too chewy" she concludes.

Want to try Sannakji at home?  Here explains how:
Please note the last paragraph:    "When serving your sannakji, be sure to warn your guests to chew the tentacles very thoroughly rather than attempting to quickly swallow them. People die every year when sannakji fights back and clings to diners' throats or tongues, choking them."  

I did not know this when we went to the restaurant!    I completely encouraged my children to just swallow it!  Fortunately, it was only one small bite they were asked to try.

#1736 Mealworms

Today I'm inspired to relaunch my blog because Superman has quit the Daily Planet and is now going to be a blogger.   If Superman, who is busy saving his universe, is able to blog than surely I, just your average supermom, can blog about our food adventures.

First I offer my apologies for my absence but here's my list of 10 excuses for why I haven't blogged lately:
1.  My baby is mobile- she is no longer content with- "here play with these toys while mommy plays on the computer."  I didn't plan for this!  Why did I forget this happens to babies?
2.  We played lots this summer.
3.  We entertained approximately 50 friends and family who visited us at the farm... very fun.. very busy.
4.  We played lots this summer.
5.  In NYC we bought a house down the block!  lots of paperwork to the bank- 55 signatures required for closing!
6.  We played lots this summer.
7.  Just because you only move 8 houses down the block doesn't mean you don't have lots of packing.
8.  We played lots this summer.
9.  We're still trying to unpack.
10.  We've also played lots this fall

So apologies and let me get to our adventures.  Halloween is coming and Halloween is a pretty dear holiday around our household.  From now to Nov 2nd (Day of the Dead).  I thought we'd post some of our scary food adventures we've had.

This summer at the farm we had a friend bring us the coolest host gift- a package of spicy mealworms.  We all thought this was a wonderful food adventure to have.   All kids- big and small enjoyed the unusual appetizer.





#1737 Hot Dogs

From 1800 Food Adventures
I pretty much hate hot dogs as much as the next mom trying to ensure healthy foods.  Normally my kids only eat hot dogs from our pigs as we know what our butcher puts in them.  However, like I've said before, there is so much enjoyment in food when they are wrapped up in lovely memories.  This is an old photo of my kiddies on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.  We'd had a lovely afternoon exploring the museum with some friends and then we grabbed some hot dogs from a vendor in front of the museum.  The kiddies enjoyed their  hot dogs while they people watched a little before heading on the subway back home.   

#1738 Watering Your Vegetables

From 1800 Food Adventures

From 1800 Food Adventures

We are lucky enough not only to have a huge garden at our farm but also to share a tiny plot with some other families at a community garden in our neighborhood.  The kids love going here.  They particularly love watering the vegetables- not because they really enjoy being that helpful to their mami.  But because every time they water the vegetables a water fight ensues.  Many a times I just have to strip them and take them home naked.  It's hard to get mad at them because they are so darn cute when they get soaked.  And nothing quite screams childhood like muddy wet kids.  

# 1739 Feeling Like My Papi

When I was a kid I didn't grow up with much outdoor space.  That did not keep my Papi, however, from having plants in every corner of the house.  We knew to be careful as we played  so as to not knock over my father's plants or else we'd be in trouble.  Also I always saw my father repotting his plants and using whatever recycled container was free for his little seedlings.  I loved the plants but was always so annoyed that there were all these random containers all over the house and longed for a house where all the plants were in lovely containers that all matched and looked pretty.  As soon as my father did have access to a garden he was able to move his containers and seedlings outdoors and he has an amazing vegetable garden and orchard in Florida.  I am most impressed with his success because most of all he has in his diverse garden he's grown from seed or tiny cuttings and armed without good gardening literature.  My father does not read much in English and good gardening books in Spanish are scarce.  So he really does have a green thumb.

I never took the time to learn from him as a child.  Instead when I took up gardening I do what any good student does- I scoured all the gardening books and websites I could get a hold of.  I'm pretty proud of how much I've learned over the years and how much food I've been able to grow for my family.
This week I was doing some replanting of my seedlings started from seed under our grow lights in NYC.  As I scoured the house for recycled containers and saw my mess on our deck table.  I was reminded of my father.  I now have all sort of random containers all about my house and my children are used to seeing and gathering the containers for me.  Also they know to not knock over any of mother's seedlings!  I guess this apple did not fall far from her tree.

For Father's Day I'd like to thank my Papi for so much.  He is such an amazing father in thousands of ways and he loves food and certainly passed that love on to me.  His love of gardening, however, was an act that was passed on simply by example.  He found a peaceful passion that he nurtured his entire life and I now feel what he felt as I play in the soil and care for my little plants.  

On occasion I invite my kids to join me in my repotting efforts but most times I don't.  I am hoping that their memories of my gardening will inspire them to grow a little something when they are off on their own.  I hope that they will inherit their abuelo's green thumb and if not that they can research things well like their mami.