#1793 Jugo de Frambuesa (Raspberry Juice)

From 1800 Food Adventures Vol 3
From 1800 Food Adventures Vol 3

Several years ago we had the opportunity to briefly live in Santiago, Chile.  One of the things I miss the most about Chile was the fresh raspberry juice that could be found everywhere.  

I keep wanting to make some at home but my kids get to the raspberries before I can even get to the blender.  We have wild black raspberry bushes at the farm.  Two year ago my brother helped us discover many raspberry bushes that were not accessible due to lots of weeds.  Last year we waited eagerly for a large harvest but a dry heat wave destroyed most of the harvest.  We only had enough for handfuls of black raspberries that never quite made it into the house.  Let's see if we have better luck this summer.  In the meantime I'll remember our daily raspberry juices while we lived in Chile.

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