#1794 Pork Buns from our Korean Grocery

Red Bean Bun

M'ijita approves of Pork Buns for dinner.

Recently the hubby and I started reading An Economist Gets Lunch:  New Rules for Everyday Foodies by Tyler Cowen.  So far it's a very interesting read.  Chapter 3 talks about getting to know your local foreign grocery store.  The chapter goes on about the author's local Asian market and the wonderful things he discovered there when he made himself exclusively shop there for a month.  I decided to give this a try and ventured to the Korean Grocery chain, Hanyang Supermarket in Flushing, NY.
I'd been there before but I had never really explored it extensively and I must say it was a delight and I look forward to returning there next week.

Today I allowed myself to try the wonderful stuffed buns that were being freshly made there on site.  They only offered 4 options and I didn't know which to try so I bought 2 of each:  Pork, Kimichi, Curry, and Red Bean Buns.

Our dinner food adventure tonight was to have the kids explore each and decide which one we liked.  Fortunately the lady who sold me the buns was kind enough to make a drawing of each bun and label them so I could identify them later at dinner time.  She told me to heat them up by steaming them.  That was easy enough but they are so big that we really had to have them as courses as I could only steam one at a time!  They are big enough that it was easy for the family to share one at each course.

We started out with the Red Bean Bun and the kids and I were not impressed.  We all eagerly moved on to the Curry Bun.  M'ijo & M'ija did not like it as it was too spicy for them.  I loved the Curry Bun.  I am actually not a fan of very spicy food and I didn't think this bun had too much spice but just enough to make it wonderfully interesting in your mouth.  We then moved on to Kimichi.  The kiddies didn't like it again due to the spice factor but I liked it.

Lastly we went to the Pork Bun.  I suspected the kiddies would like this one the most so I left it to last.  Sure enough they loved it and they ate it too quickly for me to snap a photo of them eating it.  I did get M'ijita.  I only had her try the Pork Bun and she couldn't get enough of it.  

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  1. Love the fact that you're trying out the korean classics! The red bean bun is more of a dessert type selection. But I totally get your first reaction to it ;-)