#1790 Friday Linners- Bellini with Caviar

M'ijo gets out early from school on Fridays and M'ija doesn't go to school at all on Fridays so we like to go out to "Linner."   We will have a pretty heavy lunch and then skip dinner in the evening or just snack on healthy snacks.  The goal of Linner is to try to go to a restaurant we haven't been to before or to try to have something new at a favorite place.   It's becoming a fun tradition and one the kids look forward to doing every Friday. Sometimes we invite a friend or two onto our adventures.  On Fridays I will try to post pics from our restaurant adventures and their success- or failure.

I don't have many rules for Linner expect that the kids have an open mind.  Sometimes my rule is that they must finish a minimum of whatever they order.  Sometimes when we order lots of things the rule is that we must try everything we order.  A try constitutes a large bite.  Spitting out, smelling, or gagging does not count as trying.  Sometimes I direct what the Linner experience should be (some particular restaurant I've been wanting to try...)  Sometimes the children challenge me by stating they want to try something in particular and then I scramble to find a particular restaurant that will serve that item.

Recently the children looked through a fun book, 1001 Foods to Die For, and found a picture of a bilini and decided they wanted to taste that for linner.  I took them to the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan for authentic bilini with caviar.  You can see they were not impressed with the bilini nor the caviar.

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