#1757 Bean Teepee (hopefully)



This past Memorial Day weekend we planted beans around our PVC Teepee and Tunnel.  We are hoping to make a fun play space for the children.    

Last April we lay down plastic covering on the area we wanted our structures on- to kill the grass and any competing weeds.  Then we cut out the areas we wanted to plant on.  I tilled it and added a top layer of top soil.  Then Runner Bean seeds were planted 1" from each other.  We also had a few lima bean seedlings from our grow lights in NYC and we planted those at the base also.  The hope is that these pole beans will enjoy climbing up the pvc pipes and wired areas.  The picture does not show it well but the Teepee also has netting all around it to allow the plants to climb on.

We did this two years successfully and are hoping it works this year.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. We did a similar thing here in CT (we were copycats). We planted gourd, morning glory and cucumber around it. I could not find climbing beans at home depot:-(
    It will be so nice to have a shady tent made of plants! Lets all hope for great results!