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In November we were fortunate to visit Ecuador and we were impressed with all the amazing dishes they have with bananas and plantains.  Did you know that Ecuador is the third largest banana grower in the world?
One of the dishes we had there for breakfast was bolones, or deep fried green plantain balls.  We all fell in love with this treat.
Here is a photo of a bolon we ordered in Ecuador.  
The photo above does not accurately depict the size of bolones.  They are pretty big- about the size of woman's fist.  We found that the most enjoyable part was the crispy outside.  We tried replicating this breakfast adventure at home.  We knew some bolones were made with cheese and some with pork, specifically the fresh side of pork.  
"Fresh side" is unsmoked pork belly: it is the cut of meat that bacon is made out of.  We happened to have some fresh side of pork from our pigs. When we were in Ecuador, I sent my hubby out to buy bolones for breakfast. He watched them being made at at a restaurant, and he recently replicated the recipe at home.  First, he fried up the fresh side, then slided it into small bits.

Then, he sliced up green plaintains, and fried them in plenty of oil. He next ground up the fried plaintains in this molcajete (a mortar and pestle made from volcanic rock that we bought in Mexico). Add some salt.

He mixed the crispy fried pork with the mashed up fried plaintains, and then formed them into balls about the size of meatballs.  We'd like these smaller-sized bolones: more crispy outside.
The balls got re-fried (plenty of frying going on in this recipe.) 

The kids thought these were pretty good: they liked them as much as they did the ones we bought in Ecuador. Best eaten hot.

Here are some other bolones recipes I found.

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