#1762 Caldo Verde


I grew up in NJ and went to graduate school in Newark where they have the Ironbound section of Newark that is a Portuguese neighborhood.  I fell in love there with Caldo Verde or  Portuguese Kale Soup.  It is simple and hardy.   It's the perfect recipe to cook at 5:30 when you suddenly realize that it's dinner time and you've yet to start cooking.

Here's a recipe I use

Basically you need:  onion, garlic, broth, potatoes, sausage, and kale.  
I love making it at the farm as it calls out for ingredients we have there.  

This particular soup that we made this past weekend was made with broth from our chickens, sausage from our pigs, and garlic and kale from our garden.  The Portuguese serve their soup with big hearty bread.  We substituted with crackers and M'ija enjoyed making cracker sandwiches with the items from her soup.  I used whole baby blue potatoes that the kids loved popping into their mouth whole.  M'ijo, who planted the kale and loves raw kale, insisted that we hardly cook the kale.  I dropped the kale in right before serving and I'm glad that he insisted.  Leaving the kale with a little bite made the soup wonderful.  

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