#1769: Friday Linner- Thai

On Fridays we try to explore different cuisine by doing a big late lunch that usually leaves us too full to have dinner.  This Friday's linner was Thai food.  I really don't consider the average Thai restaurant that much of an adventure because we have Thai restaurants on every other block in NYC.  We decided to return to one of the best rated Thai restaurants in NYC, SriPraPhai as it was a beautiful day and they have a lovely outdoor garden in the back of their restaurant.

This place's menu is long.  You need plenty of time just to study it.  Fortunately the menu is full of pictures of each meal so the kids could easily decide what they wanted.  This week we brought a friend of Mijo and we shared our rules for the day:  Everyone had to try everything on every dish.  If so then we could have dessert.  We ordered enough for a feast and the kids were champs on it all.


For appetizers we started with:  steamed dumplings with chicken and shrimp and Tom Yum soup.
All the kids decided the soup was too spicy.  Perfect, it's my favorite soup and I didn't have to share.
All the kids decided the dumplings were fantastic... that left not enough for Mami.


M'ijo was the most adventurous eater for the day because he ordered soft shell crab with a mango dressing.  None of the kids liked the mango dressing- I thought it was just lovely and couldn't have enough of it.  The girls tried the soft shell crab and said it was good but M'ijo was the enthusiastic eater.  I think, however, he didn't like the body of the crab as much because once he finished with most of  the crab legs he seemed  overwhelmed and just needed to eat the piece of romaine lettuce that came with the dish (uhh lettuce... Mijo's comfort food?).


M'ija played a little safe and ordered a noodle, fish ball and pork soup.  That's safe for her because she loves noodle soup and gets it at every Asian establishment.  The kids' lovely friend enjoyed a beef stew dish.  She really enjoyed it.


M'ijita shared a little of everyone's dish.  She seemed to especially enjoy sharing her sister's soup.  When she cleared her plate she'd pick it up and bang it and then we knew she wanted more.  She better increase her vocabulary soon- banging on the table for food is not the best example of table manners.  Good thing she's little and cute.  Oh and by the way what was I thinking putting her in a white sweater without a bib?  I forgot to take an after shot-  it would have been a good one.

I ordered a pad thai dish- a pretty common Thai dish that I thought would be a good safety dish in case any of the kids' dishes was too much for them.  Although everyone tried the pad thai- we had to take that to go because the safety dish was really not necessary.


To drink the kids ordered a coconut juice that they all eagerly shared.  M'ija in particular enjoyed the chunks of  coconut in it.

The kids also ordered Longan juice. They all thought it tasted like coffee and liked the idea of drinking their own coffee (Mami was having lovely Thai iced coffee) but they didn't really like the taste that much and the glass looked pretty much like this throughout the meal.


Since everyone tried a little bit of everything the reward was dessert.  We shared a lychee ice cream and a green tea ice cream.  Both were wonderful and everyone was happy-  and extremely full.  No dinner needed later...

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