#1770 Making My Kids Mother Hens

In adventure #1791 I blogged about starting our holiday meals in April.  We threw some fertilized eggs we bought at an Amish animal auction in Central PA into an egg incubator.  We delayed quite a bit in getting the eggs in the incubator so I was keeping my fingers crossed.  Last weekend they hatched!  or some.  Actually only six eggs started to hatch.  Only three chicks made it out of their shells and only two survived.  We are excited to have two.  No word as to the Turkey eggs.  They should hatch this weekend- or not.  Let's see.  We are not highly skilled at this yet and so many things can go wrong:  the eggs can be delayed too much in getting in the incubator, the temperature can go off by just a little, there's not enough moisture, etc, etc...

Now we have two healthy chicks in the house (yes in our "cozy" kitchen we've added 2 chicks!).  We've named them Nugget and Aguadito (look up adventure # 1792 to remind yourself about Aguadito).  With these names we hope to remind the kiddies what is the purpose of their new "pets."




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