#1771 Raw Milk



When we are in PA we are able to buy raw milk, or fresh unprocessed whole cow's milk.   It tastes delicious- the way milk, I think, is supposed to taste.  It is unfortunate that raw milk is not legal to buy retail in more states.  (In NY state it is only legal to buy raw milk at a farm- a bit difficult to access if you live in NYC).     In PA we buy it at the farmer's market from a local Amish farmer.  We have actually been to this farmer's farm and seen what a wonderful operation he has.  

Want to buy raw milk in your state?  First find out what the legality is in your state.  The map on this link is not as current as I'd like so do verify the information.  If you subscribe to the New Yorker you can read a good piece about raw milk
There are lots of advocacy groups working to change the perception and laws about raw milk.  
I am part of a raw milk Facebook page that provides information on what is happening with this issue.  You can like them on Facebook if you are interested

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