#1772 Lemongrass Soup by M'ija

A few weeks ago M'ija wanted to make soup and I promised her we could make some in the evening for the following day. The evening got ahead of us and we didn't get a chance to do so. The next morning she was very diligent in reminding me of my broken promise so we quickly made some before she left for school.  We scrambled and found what we could from the fridge and it was a wonderful soup.

Fortunately I was recently inspired from food reads to always have some homemade stock on hand and we did.  We had some vegetable broth and chicken broth in our freezer that we combined.  I also found the last of my lemongrass from my garden last year that I'd thrown in a plastic bag and in the freezer late last fall.  We threw the broth in with the lemongrass and some salt.  Then we added carrots.  We then added frozen corn and fresh zucchinis.  Lastly we then added tofu, Asian noodles, and scallions.  It was a wonderful soup.  My daughter was able to pack it in her thermos for school lunch.  We also then had a little more at dinner time.  

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