#1775 Finding a favorite kiosk while traveling

This past November we traveled to the Galapagos Islands.  It was a trip that was not done with tour guides or cruise ships.  We flew into San Cristobal and stayed there for about 10 days while we threw the older two kiddies in a military school with the locals to improve their Spanish.  The kiddies left school by around lunch time and at lunch we would explore the different restaurants before sightseeing.  By the evening the kiddies were hungry and tired.  At that time we wanted simple meals in the comfort of our room.  Our room had a kitchen sink, table, tiny fridge.  We bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the grocery stores but also my father, who traveled with us, scavenged the island for good food eaten by the locals.  He found this woman on the side of the road who made some fantastic rice and beans.  This lovely woman fed us almost every night. 
On our last night at ... the kids and I wanted to meet our cook and thank her for the lovely meals.  We sat down with the locals and chatted and were thankful.  

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