#1779 Mussels



Last night we went to a little French Bistro for dinner.  They had an all you can eat mussel special that came with pommes frites (fries) for $20.  I challenged the kids to eat mussels and told them they'd get big muscles if they did.  I also promised dessert for trying everything we ordered and for acting civilized at a restaurant.  (I'm all for bribing kiddies).

I love mussels and was happy to have them try just one.  I was thrilled when they discovered they loved mussels and ordered a second round.  They actually ignored the fries- that could of been the result of the nice bread that was filling them up.  I was happy to reward them with chocolate mousse (even though their table manners are really not up to par yet- see above!)

I haven't tried to cook mussels at home yet but I think now I will have to soon.  I will try this recipe as it seems closest to what we had:


  1. Margo, your food adventures are amazing. I always make sure that I had a filling meal before I sit down to read your blog, otherwise I would be salivating on the keyboard:-)))..Lucky kids!
    Have you tried the Muncan yet? Maybe you and Judith can go, she knows the place...

  2. No Gabi haven't been to Muncan yet but I definitely want to... ayy so many places and so much to try... and so little time...