#1780 Green Challenge

In the past I worked with a great holistic health counselor  who, among many things, helped our household institute a green challenge.  We were challenged to eat a green vegetable at every meal.  I bought green juice for breakfast (or you can make some like in challenge #1783)  and we packed our normal greens for lunch (broccoli, kale or salad greens) and we made sure to include a green vegetable at dinner time.  The kiddies loved to remind Mami  about the challenge- even if they didn't love every green vegetable they tried.

Now that we are exploring the Asian markets in Queens.  We are enjoying the large selections of greens at these markets.  They are so inviting (even if I don't know what many of them are!).
I think it would be easy to succeed in a green challenge if you shop at an Asian market.  So we are once again instituting the green challenge in our household as we work our way through all the fun we see at the markets.




Most of the Asian greens are very easy to cook in a wok (or a skillet), over a high heat.  You can cook it with sesame oil and soy sauce or oyster sauce or.. really we just raid our kitchen and find all source of sauces and just cook them up.  The great thing is they cook quickly and dinner is served instantly.  You can also just throw them into a soup and sneak them into the kiddies.


You can look up some recipes for cooking a variety of Asian greens on  my go to source for recipes. (No one is paying me to say that!)  Did you know they have an app?  It's easy to use and I always do when I am at the grocery and see some ingredient I want to make but don't know what other ingredients could work well with them.

Well I hope you have some green adventures of your own.  

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  1. Glad to hear you're still "going green"! Thanks for the love, supermama. Right back atcha. Great blog!!!