#1781 Peruvian Food Truck at Union Square

Earlier this week I was in Union Square and noticed Morocho,  a Peruvian Food Truck.  This is the first Peruvian Food Truck in Manhattan and it's been around for two weeks.
I was thrilled, sampled it, and thought it was great so I returned with the family today.

Now for my Peruvian food fans- this is a fusian menu so things were mixed up a bit!

The Morocho truck was easy enough to find on Union Square West and the guys staffing the truck were great!

The menu was limited but exciting:  Peruvian Anticuchos, Papa a la Huancaina, Aji de Gallina, Fusion Tacos (Tacos are not Peruvian but the flavors in their tacos are), and a Fusion Burger.

                 Aji de Gallina                                                               Lomo Saltado

We ordered Aji de Gallina, a fusion Taco Lomo Saltado, and anticuchos.
Aji de Gallina is a shredded chicken dish with a garlic cheese sauce.  It is served here with potato, olives, and egg over lettuce.
Lomo Saltado is a stir fry of beef, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions.  Normally it's served with rice but at the truck they served it with a tortilla.


Anticuchos are marinated and grilled beef heart on skewers.  Don't get scared away.  They are marinated so well that they are just tender and lovely.  Peruvians can't get enough of them.

Normally M'ijo likes anitcuchos and he was excited to order this one.  But this one was covered in delicious sauces- and M'ijo hating most sauces really couldn't get past the sauce.  I should have asked the cooks to put the sauce on the side.  He did really like the corn and potatoes that are served with the anticuchos (after I cleaned off the sauce for him!).  Peruvian corn kernals are so large and hearty.   They are also not sweet like American corn.  You really must try them.

I didn't expect M'ijo to like the Aji de Gallina because it is a cheese based sauce and he hates both sauces and cheese!  He lived up to my expectations.

M'ija could get past the sauce on the anticucho but was already heavily influenced by her brother and only had a little of an anticucho.  She enjoyed the corn and potato.  She also really liked the aji de gallina dish- it is a perfect dish for her as she loves cheese and chicken.


I did also enjoy the aji de gallina but for me nothing topped the anticuchos.  They were savory and extremely tender.  The sauces were a lovely touch.

We have no pictures of anyone eating the Lomo Saltado Tacos because our trusty photographer today, dad, ate it up so quickly no one else tried any!  He clearly liked it.  

We also didn't get any good pictures of our best eater today.  M'ijita ate like a champ.  She couldn't get enough of the anticuchos, potato, and aji de gallina.  I'm naming her best darn Peruvian for the day.  Mami is very proud of her.

We will be returning very soon to this truck.  In the meantime they are on facebook and there is no love button so I'll just be liking them.

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