#1782: Piñata Cookies for 5 de Mayo

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A few days ago I was pinning photos from Pinterest with M'ija when she ran accross this photo

Source: via 1800 on Pinterest

And she just had to make it!  I put her off and told her we could for 5 de Mayo.  She remembered on  5 de Mayo and held me to it.  I needed to tweak the recipe on   to simplify a little for my limited baking skills and my lack of burrito cookie cutter.  Who actually owns a burrito cookie cutter??

We used prepared cookie dough.  I know it's better to make from scratch- so forgive me.

We had no M & M's on had but had some jelly beans.

It was easier to use the dough when it was fresh out of the fridge and firm.

Since I wasn't making layered color cookie dough I thought I could decorate the cookies with colored cake frosting.


I had to work quickly with the cookie cutters when the cookies were fresh out of the oven.  As the cookies dried everything became more difficult.  Also, my cookie cutters became quite hot from the heat of the cookies and the pan so be mindful of little fingers getting burned. used a little square cookie cutter for the center.  I tried using a heart cutter.

The heart cutter was cumbersome and the cookie broke easily. So I switched to a cherry pitter.

The cherry pitter was better for making a hole size I was able to control.

I found I had to put two cookies on the inside to make enough room in my holes for the jelly beans.
In between each cookie layer we used cake frosting as a sealant.

4 cookies per piñata were used:  2 outside cookies and 2 cookies in the center with the holes to hold the jelly beans.

Then M'ija decorated her cookie piñata.



It worked!  We also have lots of sugar cookie crumbs left over from all the cookies cut out.  I threw it in a jar to use to sprinkle on things for instant dessert.  I better catch no hands in the cookie crumb jar.


M'ija took some cookies to a playdate and they seemed to be a big hit.

Considering all the sugar that is in this treat I'm glad that 5 de Mayo only comes once a year!

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  1. this is so cute! I love holiday-inspired desserts... mainly because I don't make dessert too often, but when I do, I feel like I need to go ALL OUT. Kinda like the time I made a pumpkin shaped cake for 4 people (