#1786 Taco Night With Juan Gabriel

Diced potatoes fried and then added to ground beef.

Tomatoes for a tomato carrot salad???

Tomato carrot salad- The kids thought this was critical to taco night

just add some cilantro!

corn tortillas warmed up


So I felt only a teensy guilty that I outsourced our food adventure last night. On Monday nights M'ijo and M'ija get some time with the Spanish speaking tutor. This week's lesson was taco making. The tutor went with M'ijo to pick up the missing produce at the grocery store. We already had the ground beef- it's from the cows we raised last year. Then the tutor cooked dinner with my kiddies.

While they cooked I read  and then made sure to have some good music to improve the meal.
Nothing screams "Que Viva Mexico" to me like the music of Juan Gabriel so I put on a Juan Gabriel station on Pandora.

The kiddies cooked up the ground beef with diced potatoes and peppers which I've never done before. It was great.
The guacamole was made by the kiddies even though they wouldn't eat. I can't figure out why my kids have an aversion to avocados. I luvvvv avocados.
For some reason the kids wanted to add a tomato carrot salad to Taco night and that was weird but who am I to kill their interpretation of a taco?

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