#1741 Ramen Noodle Soup

A new Ramen place opened up in our neighborhood,
We have been trying to go for a while but always catch it when it's closed.  We finally were successful for this week's Friday Linner.  The kids usually love all type of asian noodle soups so I figured Ramen was a sure bet.  We started with eager appetites and lots of enthusiasm.


The kids ordered Tonkatsu which is a pork broth soup.  I ordered a Hinomaru (new york style) which is also a pork broth soup but with an added fireball- that certainly heats up the dish in a lovely way!
M'ijo liked his dish just fine.  M'ija loved her ramen soup and M'ijita well she just showed the love by showering herself in her soup.  Other restaurant patrons stopped to stare at her eat.  She didn't mind entertaining.  



The damage at the bottom of M'ijita's high chair was pretty substantial so I left an extremely generous tip.


Oh and the kiddies also tried some Lychee drinks.  We love to try different drinks when we're out.  They were not crazy about the Lychees they had at the house earlier this week but they did like the drinks.

I do not buy too much ramen at home but I think it's time to start.  I'd forgotten  how fun it is to eat the stuff.  Here's a website with endless ramen recipes.

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  1. All your kids look adorable as always! Hope to see you soon-ish. Happy Summer at your beautiful retreat.