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A few months ago I read Tyler Cowen's An Economist Gets Lunch.
In this book he recommended Pakistani food over Indian food.  His argument was not that Pakistani food was superior to Indian food but that Pakistani restaurants tended to serve more authentic dishes because they didn't typically target an average American palate like some Indian restaurants do.  Although I've had Pakistani food at Pakistani friends' homes I'd never actually visited a Pakistani restaurant.

For our Friday Linner adventure the kids agreed to try Pakistani food.  To make sure we'd go to an authentic place I chose Roti Boti, a Pakistani restaurant across the street from a large mosque in our neighborhood.  The place is a bare bones restaurant that had some diverse dishes I was tempted to try but I kept it basic for the kids.  The employee was so nice and encouraging.  He recommended we order the chicken Tikka Marsala with rice and I really wanted to try the Curry Goat.  M'ijo tried the Curry Goat and said he liked the taste but that he could not eat much due to the spice.  The chicken Marsala both M'ijo and M'ija really enjoyed.  They also really loved their drink/dessert:  Mango Lassi.  M'ijita could not get enough of their rice and eagerly devoured it.  She left a real heck of a mess and the employees couldn't be nicer about it.

Want to try some Pakistani food but, alas, there's no mosque near you?

Here's a recipe for Chicken Tikka Marsala
and Curry Goat
and Mango Lassi

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