#1735 Octopus Sashimi

My brother was visiting us in NYC and upon his recommendation we went to Sik Gaek, a highly reviewed Korean seafood restaurant in Queens.

One of the top items to try on the menu was Sannakji- or Octopus Sashimi.  My kiddies like grilled and fried octopus so they were willing to try Octopus Sashimi.  It's very fresh- so fresh the octopus is still moving when served.

M'ijo and M'ijita were champs and tried it.  They only had one bite- that's enough for bragging rights.

Kiddies excited by their favorite Tio's presence.             M'ijo enjoys the fried octopus.

octopus sashimi 5 from Will Bachman on Vimeo.
M'ijo tries the Octopus Sashimi- "weird" he concludes.

octopus sashimi 4 from Will Bachman on Vimeo.

M'ija tries the octopus sashimi- "too chewy" she concludes.

Want to try Sannakji at home?  Here explains how:
Please note the last paragraph:    "When serving your sannakji, be sure to warn your guests to chew the tentacles very thoroughly rather than attempting to quickly swallow them. People die every year when sannakji fights back and clings to diners' throats or tongues, choking them."  

I did not know this when we went to the restaurant!    I completely encouraged my children to just swallow it!  Fortunately, it was only one small bite they were asked to try.

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