#1736 Mealworms

Today I'm inspired to relaunch my blog because Superman has quit the Daily Planet and is now going to be a blogger.   If Superman, who is busy saving his universe, is able to blog than surely I, just your average supermom, can blog about our food adventures.

First I offer my apologies for my absence but here's my list of 10 excuses for why I haven't blogged lately:
1.  My baby is mobile- she is no longer content with- "here play with these toys while mommy plays on the computer."  I didn't plan for this!  Why did I forget this happens to babies?
2.  We played lots this summer.
3.  We entertained approximately 50 friends and family who visited us at the farm... very fun.. very busy.
4.  We played lots this summer.
5.  In NYC we bought a house down the block!  lots of paperwork to the bank- 55 signatures required for closing!
6.  We played lots this summer.
7.  Just because you only move 8 houses down the block doesn't mean you don't have lots of packing.
8.  We played lots this summer.
9.  We're still trying to unpack.
10.  We've also played lots this fall

So apologies and let me get to our adventures.  Halloween is coming and Halloween is a pretty dear holiday around our household.  From now to Nov 2nd (Day of the Dead).  I thought we'd post some of our scary food adventures we've had.

This summer at the farm we had a friend bring us the coolest host gift- a package of spicy mealworms.  We all thought this was a wonderful food adventure to have.   All kids- big and small enjoyed the unusual appetizer.





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